Landon Hartstein


We randomly met Landon in Rivas, Nicaragua while waiting to jump on a chicken bus to Grenada. Landon, a lone traveler, asked us if we were heading to Grenada and if we wanted to share a cab. From there, we spent the next week traveling together. Landon is an experienced traveler with TONS of stories, good and bad. He isn’t afraid to take risks and also barter with the locals, which came in handy. During the short period together, we came away with some fun and memorable moments. Including:

  • The monkey fighting with Clair at Monkey Island in Granada;
  • Searching for the hot springs in Laguna de Apoyo;
  • Schooling Kik at table tennis and billiards.

There was never a dull (or quiet) moment with Landon around. We wish him all the best in his future travels!